I never saw a cent of child support — did you?

by singlemomseeking on January 9, 2008

child-support.jpgBut then again, I didn’t think I would.

After my daughter’s father split town in the year 2000, I moved back to California to be closer to my family. This is where I began the legal work to get sole custody, which was fairly cut-and-dry. I filled out the paperwork by myself — with the help of one of those free legal workshops at my local courthouse — during which the workshop leader recommended I check off the “child support” box.

The state of California doesn’t play games with child support, and I soon began receiving letters from the Department of Child Support Services, asking for my financial statements — as well as his address. I submitted everything, and explained that I only had his email address. Through various letters, I demonstrated that I’d made an effort to ask for his mailing address in Europe. But he never gave it up.

In 2004, I got a “Temporary Order of Support” ($50/month!!) in the mail, with a notice in CAPS, stating that his “willful failure to obey this order may…result in your commitment to jail–”

At least I get points for trying, right?

Do you receive child support?

If your child is not getting any financial support from your ex, have you reached out for support to follow up? If you’re seeking more information about child support laws in your state, check out the resources at Divorce360.com.

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